An ISO certification body with an extra touch of quality, expertise and Know-how, what Jordan truly needs..

Our Advantage
As our professional auditors make the auditing process useful to all, management will look forward to our next audit.  
يتمتع مدققينا بمهنية عالية ولا يتصيدون الأخطاء ويبثون الرعب في منشأتكم بل هم موجودون لخدمتكم لجعل عملية التدقيق مفيدة للجميع ونجعلكم تتشوقون الى موعد التدقيق القادم

  • TQCSI is the only certification body that assures your certification will be accepted worldwide.
  • TQCSI is the 3rd largest, JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body in the world.
  • TQCSI is regarded as the most professional certification body in the world.
  • We audit and certify organisations to ISO Standards for all management systems in 40+ countries throughout Australia, the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • TQCSI is a recognised industry leader.
  • Competitive fees quoted with no hidden charges and travel expenses only charged at cost.
  • Readily recognisable certification marks designed to complement clients’ marketing material.
  • Highly competent, experienced and culturally aware auditors.
  • Routine training of auditors and rigorous vetting of audit reports to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Support team with decision making authority, immediately available to resolve any issue.
  • Certification approval within days of the audit.
  • Certification promoted through electronic certificates (E-Certificates) retained on our website.
  • Online access to Client Details Report, identifying contact details, previous audit findings and scheduled audit dates, etc.
  • ISO Systems Policies published on the website, establishing interpretations transparent to clients and auditors alike.
  • Annual TQCSI Awards for clients with superior management systems.
  • 10 Year & 20 Year Clubs recognising clients with mature management systems.
  • TQCSI is the only CB approved to conduct Gateway Reviews for the Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom Governments, including Infrastructure New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and WA.

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